ESL courses in Canada – English & French Classes in Canada


Canada has two official languages—English and French. You need to be able to speak one of these two languages well enough to communicate with people. In other words, you must know enough English or French to understand other people and for them to understand you.


The Government of Canada, in cooperation with provincial governments, school boards, community colleges, and immigrant and community organizations, offers free language training across the country for adult permanent residents. In most provinces, the name of the program is LINC – which stands for Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada. These centres can assess your language training needs and refer you to the right LINC classes for your needs. LINC offers both full- and part-time classes to suit your needs, and some centres offer free child care while you attend classes. Most LINC centres can also refer you to other language training classes in your area.


Enhanced Language Training (ELT) is another free language program for newcomers to Canada. It provides higher levels of language training to help the needs of immigrants who enter the country with more advanced basic or intermediate English or French skills but who need still higher levels of ability to enter the labour market at the level that is appropriate to their qualifications and skills.


Both ELT and LINC must include a bridge to work component, such as work placement, mentoring, cultural orientation to the workplace, preparation for license exams and internships for eligible clients.


Remember, language classes are available for every adult in your family, not just the person who may be looking for work.