Landing in Canada

When you land in Canada – Customs and Immigration
When you immigrate to Canada, you will find the entry procedure straightforward. Be sure you have your passport and other essential documents with you in an easy to access safe place, like in a carry-on bag.
First, when out are landing in Canada, you will be interviewed by a Canada Customs officer. You will need to give the officer your list of all the household and personal items that you will be bringing into Canada. You should also show your immigrant visa to the customs officer, who will refer you to an Immigration Officer.
The Immigration Officer will check your visa and travel documents and ask you questions similar to those on the Immigrant Application Form, to verify that you are of good character and in good health. At this time, you may also be asked to show proof of your funds. If there are no difficulties, the officer will authorize your entry to Canada as a permanent resident by signing your Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence.
When you are landing in Canada – Reception Services
If you arrive in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, you will find immigrant reception services in the airport. They will give you a free booklet called Welcome to Canada: What You Should Know. It contains useful information, with addresses and telephone numbers of organizations to help you in the immigration process. Reception services are run by immigrant-serving organizations. They help newcomers get the information and services they need, and this help is often available in several languages. In Montreal, the Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles runs this service.