Investors and Self‑employed

Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons

The Business Immigration Program seeks to attract experienced business people to Canada who will support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy.

Business immigrants are expected to invest financially in Canada and manage businesses in Canada.

Canada has three classes of business immigrants in the The Business Immigration Program :
* investors
* entrepreneurs and
* self-employed persons.

Among other requirements, immigrant investors are expected to have a net worth of C$1,600,000, to make a C$800,000 investment or to own and manage businesses in Canada. They must also demonstrate they have sufficient business experience.


Entrepreneurs are required to have a net worth of C$300,000 and either establish, invest in or acquire a business located in Canada.


Self-Employed persons refers to farmers, artisans and athletes able and willing to generate enough income to support themselves and their dependants.

Each application can be made for only one class and cannot be changed once the application is submitted. The criteria you must meet to qualify are different for each class.